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a little story about us


Ajani Moore is a passionate Holistic Wellness Counselor who specializes in diabetes management and prevention. Ajani received his credentials, at the world’s leading nutrition school: The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). With five years of prior experience in pharmaceutical training Ajani has extensive knowledge of medical terminology, in addition to in-depth knowledge of medications and their side effects.

As the creative mind and founder of Suited Nutrition, a practice whose mission is to approach health and wellness holistically, Wellness Counselor Ajani has only one objective: to guide people towards their healthiest and most balanced selves.
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Why choose Suited Nutrition?

Obtain Optimal Health.
Suited Nutrition can custom tailor your diet to help you obtain optimal health.
Real Fruits & Veggies.
We use all natural fruits and vegetables, no additives.
Fresh & Pesticide Free.
We use organic pesticide-free and sustainably-grown produce.
No Commitment Required.
We require no commitment and allow you to cancel or suspend deliveries.
Choose the delivery frequency that best fits your needs.
Customize your standard delivery to exclude items you do not want.